Jungian Astrology Consultation with Judy Balan

I have studied and practiced psychology for about seven years in my life. I am trained to be extremely introspective. I was naturally drawn to psychological astrology the moment I learnt of it from Judy.

I consulted with her for a natal and predictive chart analysis. She started the session with a proper explanation about psychological astrology and subject-related concepts she used to interpret my chart.

Normally, in psychotherapy, it takes a couple of sessions for the therapist to establish a professional relationship with the client, figure out the problems (because the client also takes his/her time to be vocal about issues) and eventually provide therapy. Ten minutes into the session, Judy hit bull’s eye.

With the natal chart, she explained how various astrological events since my conception have affected me psychologically. I understood why I am the way I am. Judy was very precise about the dominant traits, dispositions and qualities I have. Her predictions about the current state of my turmoil were also accurate. Though I am introspective, it was incredible to have someone read me inside out with the help of psychological astrology in a couple of minutes.

Judy gauged and identified some extremely personal negative incidents about my life, just with astrological readings. This felt very telepathic at some level. Since she spoke more of my repressed issues, the session was so therapeutic that I teared up at one point. She discussed my psychological projections, defense mechanisms and transferences as well as pointed out important aspects of my psyche that needed long-term work. Judy was considerate of my feelings and conversed with me sensibly.

She was extremely intuitive and empathetic because of her knowledge and experience with psychology and astrology. Though a professional, she did not throw jargons in a matter-of-fact manner. Many therapists are genuine but sometimes their authenticity fails to come through. This was not the case with Judy.

Judy was unassuming and non-judgmental. She even shared some of her personal experiences that were similar to mine to give me concrete examples. That was quite compassionate of her so I did not feel distant or awkward.

She articulated efficiently so the time I spent with her was worth my while. Judy answered my questions and ensured that I had proper clarity about everything so her sincerity and dedication really showed.

The predictive astrology consultation, though a little unnerving, was something I needed to hear to sort things out at the present. Judy’s suggestions were objective and professional but not vague. She could give solid directions on how I could work on myself.

Why did I need this consultation?

Someone advised me a few months ago: “Try not to care about astrology as a factor affecting your life. It is a speculative practice at best, at least in this century. However, it is a realization you have to come to, yourself. It is your journey”.

Psychological astrology is a resource that can equip you with information about your psyche and life. It could be a speculative or factual science. I personally believe that these astrological events could depict the highest possible probabilities that have occurred or could occur in my life. Of course, the impact is so intense that it could seem fateful but I think that I still have the capacity to change the outcomes.

When I am extremely intuitive, why could I not sort my problems without Judy’s consultation? Yes, I can identify my own behavioral patterns and the rationale behind them. I may even have solutions to right my wrongs but mostly I am not willful enough to make such changes. An external push or motivation, sometimes affirmations and reassurances, are necessary for me to convince myself that what I am going through is actually real…that I am not imagining morbid things in my head… and that I can control life’s outcomes if I work on them responsibly. I wanted someone else to tell me that what I have guessed about myself is right. I wanted that clarity, reassurance and therapy; that is exactly what I got.

My takeaways from Judy’s session

Planetary movements affect our psyche positively and negatively. It is up to us to use the best out of our trying times with the psycho-astrological knowledge we gain. Armed with such information, we can use tact to solve our problems. We also need a certain shift in our existing attitude to continually accept changes and better ourselves. Psychological astrology could help shift our attitudes if we are receptive enough to it.

In spite of being introspective and skillful enough to understand the cosmos, we still have to work enough to earn what we deserve. Even if we are destined to receive miracles, we still have to be able enough to receive them. So, we have to give ourselves the time to mature and grow.

I hope to have many more consultations with Judy to ensure that I work on my issues and improve myself in the future.

Her book suggestion for me: Chiron and the Healing Journey by Melanie ReinHart


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