8 Ways to Find Good Books to Read

Books are great companions when it is time to unwind and relax. Book reading is a recreation through which you get a lot of value. However, you have to select the right books to mould you and the reading should be worth your while.

Often times, people are at a loss when they want to gift the right book to their friends and family. They do not know what books they have to buy for their children for their formative years as well.

Here are a few ways to discover authors and books for all ages:

A social cataloging website for books that allows to join book clubs and reading groups; interact with authors; enter reading challenges and competitions; get good recommendations for new books to read and showcase your virtual library of books you’ve either read or currently reading along with your wish lists. You can connect with other bookworms and your friends to know what they are reading and add them to your to-read lists as well. There is more! Find out ratings for any book, read reviews, participate in book-giveaway contests and discover daily news about the literature world.  

You can buy books from Amazon that are recommended best sellers; shop by genre after reading the book reviews or try out handpicked ones from the company’s editors. Try subscribing to kindle for eBooks or Audible for audiobooks.

Are you a voracious e-book reader who is unable to spend on expensive books? BookBub is a free newsletter that gives you book recommendations and sends alerts about discounts on best sellers and your wish lists straight to your inbox.

Book Blogs
Many readers also review the books they read in an in-depth manner in their blogs. You can find new books to read from those blogs without the worry of getting any spoilers. Most book blogs exist on WordPress, Blogger or Medium.

Gutenberg’s List
If you are looking for classic and older literature, Gutenberg gives you eBooks to download or read online free. The books are available in 50 languages. Check out the ‘Top 100’ or ‘recent books’ menu to browse through some awesome books or you can even read them online.

If you are a fan of non-fiction, consider other book suggestions in bibliographies and in-line citations that authors give in their books. Reading such sources will give you direct and in-depth information about a topic or concept. You can then go on to collect the books that these particular sources have mentioned and make your own book list to read.

Book Promoting Platforms
Books hosted by traditional and self-publishing houses, literary agencies, book review and book marketing websites help in book discovery. Some of the renowned websites in India extending such services are writers melon, BookBoys PR, becomeshakespeare, Ashwamegh, Writer’s Side, Red Ink etc.

Book Club
Nothing can beat a good old book club with nice book discussions and book reading sessions. You can join a book club that exists in your neighbourhood or create a book club of your own with your friends and family. Schedule meetings once a week, fortnight or a month to borrow and lend books amongst each other and get first-source recommendations from each of the members.

Giving a few precious hours, days and even months to a book is useful as they make you grow. If you choose wisely, books give you a lot to learn and will add to your existing knowledge. Finding good books to read is no more a strenuous task since we have the digital landscape to troll for sensible and life-transforming books. Otherwise, a classic book club with friends, family or peers would always help you find some hidden treasures and make the book reading experience much more inspiring and memorable.


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